Why Emergency Safety Tool Box Talks with staff and family members ...

General Response Talk


Why Emergency Safety Tool Box Talks with staff and family members. why tool box talks

As highlighted by this resource there are many different types of emergencies that can happen on the farm.  Being proactive in having preventative steps in place, and resources and processes in how to deal with an emergency when it happens is key to mitigating the recovery time and possible lose of not only property but human life.

Suggestions for areas to include in a Tool box Talk for staff and family members about general response to every emergency:

  • Take a breath, pause and reset;
    • Do not overreact, rush in or make poor choices by being too quick to react;
  • Before helping a victim of an incident, always ensure it is safe to do so;
  • Know farms procedures when dealing with natural disasters and emergencies;
    • When to call 911;
      • Know farms muster points, farms legal address for responders;
    • Know where the emergency response equipment is located; and
    • Know where power, water and gas shut off is, and how to shut off equipment/machinery.

Remind staff and family members that only those trained in first aid should assist a victim. Never give first aid treatment for which they are not trained.

Knowing what to do in an emergency, is just as important as knowing how to prevent the emergency in the first place.  Knowing this may save your life or those around you, along with your farm animals.