Short Term Operational Plan - When the farm’s main decision-maker is unable to make decisions ...

iconShort-Term Operational Plan


There could be a variety of reasons why the farm’s main decision-maker is unable to make decisions. This person could be laid up for weeks and someone needs to step in and know how the farm operates. The PIC’s My Farm resource tool can help. 

Suggestions to include in a Tool box Talk for key back up staff and family members about the use of My Farm App and the farm’s Short-Term Operational Plans:

My Farm App, consider including how to access information and utilise the following:

  • Farm contacts and information;
  • Business and financial information;
  • Staff and payroll;
  • Response procedures for:
    • Poultry Disease(s);
    • Deadstock Mass Mortalities and Depopulation;
    • Severe weather, fire, power outages, structural collapse and hazardous material spills and other natural and man-made disasters;
    • General Emergencies and personal injuries; and
  • OSHA and other regulatory requirements.


Consider including specific:

Farm Information: Contact information for family, staff, first aid providers, where to locate emergency equipment on the farm, local emergency services, meeting sites, farm site map, an inventory of hazardous materials on hand, and an emergency action plan.

Barn Information: Contact information for Veterinarian, Marketing Board representative, transporter, feed supplier, deadstock removal (Hatchery /egg grader/catching) and barn management plan.

Livestock information. Provide animal inventory, including number of head and location. Explain feeding practices, watering schedules and delivery / stocking / catching schedules. Share animal welfare and bio-security procedures.

Equipment information.  List of inventory/equipment used in daily operations and, more importantly, the location of equipment.  Include equipment representatives and preferred mechanics. Share list of trained family members and staff who are qualified in the safe use of specific equipment.

General information.  Financial information such as bank accounts and loans, payroll and farm advisers such as attorneys.  Extension specialists and insurance contacts. It also should include rental agreements with landlord name and contact information.

Remember most importantly, talk about how to:

Assess farm information

Document information in your absence

Communicate and activate the plan with others