Conveyor Safety - Conveyors can be dangerous, suggestions for areas to include ...

Conveyor Safety


Conveyors can be dangerous. Loose clothing, untied long hair and jewelry, particularly rings, are dangerous to wear on the job. conveyor Combine these with the presence of a conveyor and the hazard potential increases quickly.  Like other tools we work with, conveyors are safe when used correctly.

Suggestions for areas to include in a Tool box Talk for staff and family members about Conveyors

Certain safety tips for all types of conveyor belts should always be observed:

  • Don't attempt to operate a conveyor unless you've been checked out on the procedures and are authorized to run it;
  • Show staff working on or about a conveyor the location and operation of stopping devices and control locks;
  • Do not crawl under, over or on a safety belt that is in operation. Turn off the power prior to doing so to perform maintenance and cleaning; and
  • Set an inspect schedule for barrier guards, moving parts and pinch points.

Tips for setting a safe working environment for a "powered" conveyor. Instruct staff to:

  • Position themselves so that they are not hit by objects moving down the conveyor; and
  • Ensure that they can see the conveyor system at all times when they are at the operating controls.

Set up your conveyor for safe use:

  • Locate guardrails around low level conveyors and areas where conveyors pass through the floor/ceiling;
  • Locate emergency power stop switches near the operator(s) and along the length of the conveyor at approximately 30 metres (100 feet) apart (or closer);
  • Ground belts on belt conveyors to prevent static buildup; and
  • Ensure that guards, covers and guardrails are in place for all moving parts of the drive system where hazards such as drawing-in, trapping and crushing, friction burns or abrasion are present.

Each conveyer system will have its own areas of possible safety issues. Be sure to walk through these areas thoroughly with each team member working in and around the conveyer system area.