Safe Guards to Consider with Employees

Ensure all staff sign an animal welfare code of conduct. Keep a copy in the employee’s file and ensure the filing cabinet is locked so information cannot be extracted from the file without your knowledge. Consider having employees review and sign the code annually. Consider a policy that staff are not to discuss employer specific information on social media; this could be included in a confidentiality policy.

When Hiring New Employees:

  • Take the time to check references prior to hire;
  • Look for gaps in service on applicants’ resumes;
  • Check the candidate’s social media and networking activity. There are also companies that will perform this service for you;
  • Consider including a clause that the use of phones and other recording devices are not allowed on your farm without permission to respect the privacy of farm owners and other employees;
  • Be aware of new employees who are excessively curious about operations that are not within their job descriptions; and
  • Encourage long-term employees who are overly questioned about animal handling, care etc. to tell you about these encounters.

Have any visitors and subcontractors  sign an animal welfare declaration found in My Farm app.

Ensure all employees are aware of your policies relating to animal welfare and dealing with animal activists.