Preparing Your Farm Team: Family Members and Employees


Onboarding Emergency Preparedness 


Human safety is paramount when responding to an emergency and is a key part of responding quickly and effectively as a farm team. 

Onboarding new staff members and setting up periodical Tool Box Talks can assist with keeping everyone up to date on farm emergency procedures. At least once a year, formally discuss emergency plans. Ensure everyone knows the farm response procedures.

If the primary decision maker(s) for the farm are not available or are incapacitated, identify someone else (or multiple people) to make important decisions including signing authority. Discuss your wishes with your designee and write out the scope of responsibility given. Ensure the appropriate paperwork is completed with your financial institution, lawyer, accountant, etc. You can stipulate under which conditions the authority to make decisions will be activated. Then, document in your emergency response protocols who has been given this authority.

Ask employees to provide you with an emergency contact person in case they experience illness or accident while at work. Also, ask whether they have any allergies or medical conditions of which you should be aware and, if so, what appropriate emergency actions should be taken.

The Introduction to Farm Safety Onboarding Form, and the Onboarding Emergency Preparation Checklist highlight the areas of focus that your family members and employees should review in order to be more prepared to respond to an emergency.