Other areas:

  • If applicable, how to test the internal temperature of stored hay/straw;
  • Increased Biosecurity awareness, cleaning and sanitation;
  • Increased awareness of Animal welfare, code of practice;
  • Euthanasia methods and dead stock disposal;
  • Increase First Aid training;
  • Hazard / incident / accident reporting; and
  • Site farm emergency procedures and access to documents and employee assistance program.


Within Six Months of Work

Test safety and emergency preparedness responses.

Ensure equipment or training specific to the role is in place. If applicable, consider training for:

  • Forklift training;
  • Grower Pesticide Safety Course;
  • PTO safety;
  • Skid steer safety;
  • Mechanical hazards;
  • Manure safety;
  • WHIMS;
  • Workshop safety; and
  • Operation specific safety areas (e.g. egg packing house)


Within twelve months of work: 

  • Demonstrate excellent biosecurity principles and emergency protocols awareness; and
  • Be a good steward for farm culture safety.