During the first week of work: 

  • Review of role and responsibilities;
  • Complete employee emergency contact form;
  • Introduce to key people;
  • Tour of Property, review the evacuation route, shelter in place;
  • Standard operating procedures for all essential areas of focus and the safe use of tools, machinery used to perform job;
  • Fit testing for face masks/respirators other health and safety equipment (gloves, booties, etc.);
  • Identify personal hazards of job;
  • Introduction to general health and safety policies, safety videos or demonstrations to show use of equipment directly relevant to their job; and
  • General emergency plan and procedures.


Within three months:

Recognize animal stress, and adherence to animal welfare and codes of practice. Poultry Pro online training is an excellent way to assist poultry workers to get a baseline of information.

 Use of emergency equipment:

  • How to turn off powered equipment;
  • Stop flow of liquids and gas lines;
  • Location and use of fire extinguishers;
  • Use of absorbents;
  • Starting generators and monthly check ups;
  • First aid training and location of first aid kits;
  • Chainsaw safety for downed trees;
  • How to conduct maintenance checks on machinery;