Mitigating Self Injury

Equipment Considerations:

Depending on the type of machinery and equipment being worked on, consider implementing a lock out, tag out procedure. The power source or switch is locked, and a tag is placed on the lock identifying the worker who has placed it. The worker then holds the key for the lock ensuring that only he or she can start the machine. This prevents accidental start-up of a machine.

Augers should always have guards on them. Remember to turn off all machinary prior to performing maintence on them.

Performing Vaccination Injections Considerations:

Care must be taken when performing vaccination injections. Poorly injected products could create drug residues, scar tissue or abscesses and can also injure the person administering the injection. Training on proper vaccination injection techniques should be provided by the flock veterinarian or the vaccine company representatives. Purchase a sharps container and safely dispose of used needles. Keep the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) readily available for each vaccine used.

  • In the case of accidental self injection, immediately go to the hospital and give the SDS to the attending physician; and
  • For aerosol vaccinations, follow the recommended safety procedures and guidelines from the vaccines company and your veterinarian.