At least one family member or employee should have formal first aid and CPR training. Ideally, more than a single person should, as that person might not be available when needed orsould be the person in need of care. Ensure the training is kept up to date. A first aid app can be downloaded to your phone for quick reference; there are numerous free ones available such as the one through the Canadian Red Cross.

When new employees are hired, review all emergency procedures, location of emergency response equipment (e.g. fire extinguishers, first aid kits, spill kit, eye and hand wash stations, emergency response plan binder, etc.), and safe operating practices for vehicles and equipment as part of their orientation. Have them demonstrate the safe operation of the equipment for you. This orientation must take place before they begin their farm duties.

Have first aid kits in farm equipment (e.g. tractors, combines, trucks, etc.), barn(s), chemical storage area, etc. Ensure family members and farm workers know the location of the kits and mark the locations on your farm map . Replenish kit contents regularly.

When working around the farm, carry a cell phone with you at all times. If you tend to leave your cell phone in a vehicle cab, wear a Bluetooth earpiece or smartwatch so that you can access your phone to call for assistance if injured.

If there is a dog on the property, consider posting “Dog on Property” signs.