Support System – Ask the speaker if they have a support system and someone they can talk to, be it their family, a friend or a neighbour. If not, encourage them to open up to someone they feel comfortable with, or to contact a mental health resource.

The Hardest and Most Important Question to Ask: Do they have thoughts of causing harm to themselves or others? Are they feeling suicidal? If yes, contact 911 and stay with the person until assistance arrives. Do not leave the individual on their own.

Mental Health Kit for Farmers – The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) has developed a Mental Health Kit for Farmers, to assist farmers in dealing with the stresses of owning a farm business and to improve their well-being. Mental health resources and contact information, as well as resources to assist farmers in reducing and coping with stress, financial stress and animal welfare stress, are provided.

Think of the situation like you are a first aid responder, but not a surgeon or a specialist. You can put a band-aid on the wound to help them stabilise and get to the specific aid they need.