How Are You Feeling?

While everyone experiences some level of stress, anxiety and/or depression in their lives, being able to identify and lessen stress is important to one’s overall wellbeing and in helping to ensure that everyday stress does not escalate to something more serious.

The dashboard on the following page uses colours - green, yellow, orange and red - to help you measure your stress level, as well as provides some coping strategies. For example, under orange, moderate insomnia and a constant focus on problems and anger, can lead to injury and/or burnout. On any given day, depending on your circumstances, your stress level may escalate; it is important to know when you need help, or if you feel someone around you needs help, and act upon it.

If you feel that you are a threat to yourself, or others, call 911 immediately, or go to your closest emergency department or hospital. 

The good news?  Most farmers said they would seek help for their mental health – but 40% reported they would feel uneasy getting help “because of what other people might think.” 

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