Protests are generally short term in nature, ranging from a few minutes to a few hours. The best strategy is to let them proceed with their protests as long as it is conducted in a lawful manner.

“Counter protests” by you or your neighbors are not productive and only increase the chances for recorded negative interaction and added publicity for the activists. Discourage all interactions with protestors other than the police.

If the farm is swarmed or rushed by an overwhelming number of protesters, follow the same procedures listed above to the best of your ability. If media arrives at the farm, do not be pressured into responding to questions or allowing access to your property. It is recommended that producers do not provide interviews or comments to reporters.


When to Call 911

If the situation is life threatening, dangerous or a crime is in progress (e.g. trespassers on site and will not leave, animals have been released etc.), this constitutes an emergency to law enforcement. Call 911 immediately, officers from the appropriate police service will be dispatched.