Managing a Protest

Call 911 if a situation is life threatening, dangerous or a crime is in progress.

It is LEGAL to protest on public property (sidewalks, shoulders of roads, etc.).

It is ILLEGAL to enter onto private property without the property owner’s permission.

  • Do not touch a protestor; inform them they are on private property and request they leave;
  • Protestors may try to stop vehicles from entering the property, allow police to deal with this;
  • Do not confront or engage with protestors in any way;
    • Especially do not antagonize protestors by screaming, threatening, or yelling. This provides protestors with an opportunity to videotape you saying or doing something negative. Always assume you are being recorded; and
    • The more attention protestors receive, the greater the chance they will return.

It may be helpful to have videotape of the protestors especially if they are threatening you, your vehicle or property. However, do not use your cell phone to videotape if you are behind the wheel of a vehicle. This could lead to a possible distracted driving charge. Some vehicles have mounted dash cams for this purpose.