List to Call:

  • For emergency situations, call 911;
  • For non-emergency reports contact local police services;
  • Speak clearly and provide the location of the incident or emergency;
  • Describe the emergency (number of trespassers, protestors at road, intent of their presence, etc.);
  • Be very clear you are concerned for the safety of your farm, family, employees and animals;
  • Contact your board representative; and
  • Contact other people below as appropriate (owners, managers, employees, and neighbors)
    for additional assistance. (When completing form, indicate the relationship these people
    have to the farm.)


Steps or Activities That Should be Taken and, if Applicable, Who is Responsible:

  • Advise protestors or trespassers they are not welcome, ask them to leave or not enter the property, and inform them that police have been called;
  • Designate one person to work with police and monitor the property line until police arrive;
  • Block laneways and entrances where possible and define the property line at the end of the main laneway;
  • Limit traffic and farm activities while protestors or trespassers are present; and
  • Consider whether to temporarily deactivate farm and family members’ social media accounts. 


What SHOULD NOT be Done:

  • Do not speak with or touch protestors or trespassers beyond requesting they leave;
  • Do not threaten protestors or trespassers with harmful objects;
  • If the press should arrive at the scene, do not be rude but also do not make statements regarding the protestors or trespass situation. Be cordial but explain you are focused on the care of the animals. Ask them to respect the biosecurity and do not enter signs; and
  • Do not express your feelings regarding the protest on social media. 

These procedures are to be shared with all farm family members and employees. Annual review is recommended.

Replace this resourse with an updated version on an annual basis or more often as necessary.