Be alert. If someone unfamiliar comes onto your property, approach them and politely ask why they are there. If they do not need to be on your property, civilly ask them to leave. If someone refuses to leave, call police. Family members and employees also have the authority to deny access to unfamiliar individuals. Ensure employees are aware of the protocols you wish them to follow.

Record and report any suspicious activity to local police. Include as many details as possible, such as date and time, what happened, duration, person and/or vehicle description and license plate numbers. Include any pictures or video of the perpetrator of event.

All sales and service calls should be pre-arranged. Be wary of anyone showing up unannounced, especially from a company that you are not currently doing business with. For existing suppliers, if the sales or service personnel are not known to you, confirm with the business office. Call using the telephone number you typically use for that business, not one provided by the visitor.