Site Access 

  • Ensure “No Trespassing” signs are present at all farm access points and on fence lines;
  • Use gates and other appropriate barriers to block access to laneways (recognizing it may not be practical in all cases if this would impede farm operations);
  • Have printed site maps with clearly marked boundaries; these are helpful to share with police if a protest occurs;
  • Ensure barn areas and driveways are well lit and lighting is motion activated;
  • Install alarms to alert you to intruders during off hours. Audible alarms may also deter trespassers’ entry;
  • Mount security cameras or trail cameras at prime access points to your property and buildings to capture photographs or videos of trespassers. Footage obtained can be used for laying charges and in court proceedings; and
  • Remove keys and lock vehicles, especially if there are remote door openers in the vehicles.