There are some additional considerations to guard against protests following a barn fire or other high-profile farm emergency, e.g. a disease outbreak. A recent trend sees activists using tragic farm events as a platform to bring attention to their anti-animal agriculture message.

  • Appoint one person to make any statements on behalf of the farm. Ask family members, friends and employees to direct all inquiries to this person;
  • Be clear with police, fire and government officials that you wish to keep your information private, including address, ownership and estimated losses. You have a say in protecting your privacy after a fire; and
  • Media inquiries: Reporters may call, reach out via social media, or show up on farm. Do not be pressured into giving a comment on the spot. Politely request their contact information and offer to have someone follow up.

Social media accounts or websites associated with a farm or farm family may be targeted by activists following a fire or emergency. Consider temporarily deactivating social media accounts, restricting access, or limiting comments on your sites. Social media sites will have detailed instructions on how to do this.