Electrical Fires

Improperly designed, installed, or maintained electrical systems are a common cause of farm building fires. This includes heating equipment, lighting systems, and electrical distribution (e.g. extension cords, wiring). Have a qualified electrician do regular inspections of electrical connections and equipment. Keep electrical boxes, connections and heat sources clean and free of any potential source of combustion including; feed, bedding, binder twine, birds’ nests, thick dust and cob webs, etc.

Before heating barn for arrival of chicks and after bedding is added to the barn, blow off any dust or debris off of heaters and straw chopping and spreading equipment, ensure that spark arresters are in place.

Contact your insurance agent about their policy on thermal imaging. This technology can show temperature differences in walls, equipment electrical outlets and panels, etc. and can help detect areas of concern such as, overloaded circuits, overheated grain and feed, energy/heatleaks and hidden moisture.