Getting Your Barn Ready for Extreme Cold

Are there steps that can be taken to prevent the external waterlines from freezing? If waterlines freeze is there an alternative poultry barn water source that can be used? Birds can be lost from heat related dehydration and cold related dehydration.

Barn construction should be such as to withstand the highest amount of snow ever recorded in your municipality. Know the snow load capacity of your poultry barns and arrange for safe removal of excess snow build up on the roof.

  • Ensure your heating system is sized properly for the barn and it is properly maintained;
  • Check that your generator is working properly before an extreme cold event or a predicted winter storm. Note an alternative fuel supplier for the generator;
  • If your fuel supply is delivered to site via truck, check fuel levels to ensure you will not run out during a cold event as heaters will be working more to maintain barn temperatures;
  • Winterize the poultry barn to reduce drafts, install covers over summer fans, check inlet openings and adjust cables as needed; and
  • Keep additional bedding on hand.