Preparing Your Barn:

For barns on property with no dwellings: Post the owner’s/farm manager’s contact information on the outside these buildings in clearly visible locations.

  • Ensure to have a back up person and plan of care in place should you not be able to reach the property;
  • Plan how to provide adequate ventilation – system capacities, regular maintenance of ventilation equipment;
  • Ensure you have an appropriately sized generator to run your essential equipment and services such as water pump, feed augers, ventilation fans, etc.;
  • Create a schedule to perform regular generator maintenance;
  • Check that the generator is working properly before an extreme temperature event to ensure proper ventilation / heat in the barn if loss of power occurs. This may be required by your insurance company;
  • Purchase extra fuel in case of prolonged disruptions;
  • Note an alternative fuel supplier for the generator;
  • Do not store combustible materials in a barn that is used to house animals; and
  • Have non-expired fire extinguishers in all barns and vehicles.