General Emergency Response Guidelines


Calling 911 or local emergency response coordinators is required. Your contacts can be stored in your Emergency Contact List at My Farm.

Remember when making these calls to do the following:

  • Speak clearly and provide the location of the accident or emergency;
  • Describe any victim(s) and the nature of any injuries;
  • Describe the emergency (fire, tornado, equipment accident, personal injury etc.);
  • If a fire, tornado, storm or utility emergency, describe:
    • Any hazardous or flammable materials stored at this facility (fuels, bottled gases for welding or other);
    • Anhydrous ammonia stored on site;
    • Fuel leaks (gasoline, ethanol, biodiesel, diesel, bottled gases);
    • Propane and natural gas locations and shut-off valves;
    • Pesticides or fertilizer stored on site with the potential to be implicated in the emergency situation; and
    • Solar panels; wind turbines, or biogas plant connected to the farm system.;
  • Note that you are calling from a farm and identify if animals are involved including the type and number of animals;
  • If equipment is related to the incident, describe:
    • The nature of the accident; and
    • The type of machinery (tractor, combine, disc, cultivator, etc.) or fixed equipment implicated (grain dryer/elevator, etc.).