Quota Reductions

Depending on the severity of the pandemic, there may be steep decline in food-service demand as a result of a government-mandated scaling back of restaurant and workplace activities.

• Keep in mind that quota reductions may not be applied equally across your respective sector;

• Get in contact with your industry representative in order to determine if your operations will fall under a quota reduction; and

• If your operation does fall under a quota reduction, get in contact with your processor and/or hatchery to adjust production and/or chick placement.


Workplace Hygiene

Ensure workplaces are kept clean and hygienic. Promote regular and thorough hand washing by employees, contractors, visitors, etc. Promote good respiratory hygiene in the workplace.

• Maintain a social distance between individuals on farm (e.g. Chick or feed deliveries); and

• Limit large gatherings and/or meetings.