Points to Consider

 Various lessons were learned throughout this time enforcing the importance of preparing the industry for a reduction in poultry sales, processing capacity, chicken allotments and quota.

• You may face labour challenges during a global pandemic. This may require you to add staff or reduce staff to comply with public health regulations;

• Staffing levels may be interrupted at your facility. You may need to consider other means or back-up processing decisions;

• There will likely be a heavy demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It may be a good idea to have an adequate supply (at least two months) of PPE on farm for your employees;

• Ensure you have an adequate supply of feed in case there is a feed supply interruption;

• Expect the unexpected, additional costs;

• Limit the number of visitors coming on your farm and ask the appropriate questions regarding their exposure with the virus; and

• Enforce heightened biosecurity measures for employees entering your barn(s).

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Hatchery Closure

In the event your hatchery closes, get in contact with your procurement team and your processing plant to change your processing date.

  • Fertilized eggs can be held longer; and
  • Work directly with your hatchery in order to source chicks for your next flock.


Grading Station Closure

Contact your grading station for more information regarding the closure; and if eggs will be held longer at the station.


Processing Plant Closure

Labour disruptions or other issues could cause backlogs at the processing plant impacting your ability to ship finished birds out. Consider what your back up plan is before you need to decide what to do.

Quota Reductions

Depending on the severity of the pandemic, there may be steep decline in food-service demand as a result of a government-mandated scaling back of restaurant and workplace activities.

• Keep in mind that quota reductions may not be applied equally across your respective sector;

• Get in contact with your industry representative in order to determine if your operations will fall under a quota reduction; and

• If your operation does fall under a quota reduction, get in contact with your processor and/or hatchery to adjust production and/or chick placement.


Workplace Hygiene

Ensure workplaces are kept clean and hygienic. Promote regular and thorough hand washing by employees, contractors, visitors, etc. Promote good respiratory hygiene in the workplace.

• Maintain a social distance between individuals on farm (e.g. Chick or feed deliveries); and

• Limit large gatherings and/or meetings.

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Market Disruptions:
Closely monitor your industry webpages for information regarding quota and allocation reductions. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your board representatives for additional information.