• Contact information for the owner of the premises, owner of the animals, and/or farm manager;
  • Complete physical and mailing address or the farm location;
  • A site plan of the farm;
  • An inventory of the types and number of animals on the property; and
  • A list of all visitors and animal movements on and off the farm property in the previous 14 days.

The list above is only a portion of the information you will be asked to provide. As part of your disease response preparedness, it is recommended you proactively compile this information to be readily available. There are several forms on the My Farm section of this site that will help you with this task.

Use the Templates Found in the My Farm section.

  • Use the farm map template to create a site plan for your farm; and
  • Create an Animal Inventory list. If the number of animals varies, put a population range in the appropriate fields; and
  • Create and update a digital Visitor log.

Emotional and mental health support may be required for owners and employees of flocks suffering high financial losses or requiring mass depopulation. Fatigue may put individuals at greater risk of making judgment errors and lowering the capacity to cope with stress.

For additional information and resources related to managing your mental health visit the Personal Injury, Mental Health and Unwanted Visitors section of this resource.

Your mental health Is health, be proactive!