• Contact your board staff person;
  • Phone the 24-hour emergency hotline (for broiler producers):
    1-877-SOS-BYRD (767-2973);
  • Discuss the situation with family members and staff;
  • Enhance all biosecurity measures:
  • Ensure that a visitor log is in place;
  • Block entranceway to CAZ to prevent unwanted traffic or access;
  • Minimize visits to other poultry sites and avoid exchanging equipment with other poultry sites;
  • Clean and disinfect vehicles and equipment that access the affected site;
  • Inside the affected barn, all personnel with contact to poultry should wear boots, protective suits, head coverings, N95 mask, gloves and disinfect hands; and
  • Consider packing the above supplies together as emergency packs.

If a federally reportable disease is detected on your farming operation, CFIA personnel will come on site. They will implement a quarantine zone around the property and conduct a premises investigation. At the initial visit, they will work through a lengthy questionnaire with you requesting:

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Step 1 is to notify your provincial board office and other industry personnel that a disease is suspected or confirmed.