If you need assistance completing your plan, contact your board representative. When a disease emergency or other disaster occurs in your area, please check the Feather Board Command Center website and your industries homepages. 

Special note on consent: It is understood that veterinarians are required by statute to report any suspected case of Notifiable or Reportable Disease. Veterinarians are bound in a Veterinarian-Patient-Client -Relationship (VCPR) to maintain confidentiality of their client’s information. The safeguard is to obtain “Consent” (verbally or written but must be recorded) when information shared by two parties is about to be shared with a third party. An example is a poultry farmer giving consent to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to talk with their veterinarian and giving consent to their veterinarian to speak with CFIA, realizing the veterinarian has obligations to comply with Provincial and Federal Acts. Discretion concerning “Consent” can result in the release of information that should not have been shared, with the consequence of legal action.