Keep a visitor logbook at each barn to record the name and date of visitors and service vehicles to better track the flow of people and equipment on your farm. This can be digital or paper-based. A template for a visitor sign-in page is provided in My Farm forms.

Staff working in several barns on same site must change footwear, health and safety equipment, and wash hands when entering and leaving each building.

Vehicles and farm equipment can spread disease from farm to farm through contaminated material on their tires, fenders and undercarriages. Proper sanitation of equipment between farms can reduce the spread of disease.

Ensure laneways and roadways used by visitors, delivery and service vehicles are kept free of manure and soil. Locate a drop box away from the barn entrance for feed delivery slips, courier deliveries, bills and receipts.

Set aside a specific parking area for staff and visitors and post signage to clearly indicate where vehicles should be parked. Ensure the area is well-drained, graveled, free of manure, and a minimum of 15 feet from the barn.