Are you prepared to mitigate risk of exposure to your flock by staff and visitors by using farm biosecurity protocols?


A Controlled Access Zone (CAZ) is the first line of defense against breaches in your biosecurity. This zone is the area where once the line is crossed, strict biosecurity measures must be followed. Such measures are appropriate as donning of personal protective equipment like hair nets, face masks, or goggles, and include practices like sanitizing your hands and swapping out your footwear for indoor, single barn footwear.

It is recommended to post ‘restricted entry’ signs at entrances and consider chains across the laneway to Controlled Access Zones (CAZ) (e.g. end of laneway) and at the entrances to buildings to keep visitors out of facilities without your permission and protect your liability against trespassers. Signs are available through your respective board or inquire with the Ontario Livestock and Poultry Council or the Ontario Federation of Agriculture for availability.