The Importance of Rodent Control should Not be Underestimated

In one year a rat deposits 25,000 droppings, a mouse 17,000. Even a small population of these rodents may severely contaminate feed supplies. Flies are also a frequent carrier of disease and have been shown to travel up to 1½ km from farm to farm.

Implement a pest control program; wild birds and rodents may carry infectious disease or contaminate feed supplies.

  • Develop a barn sanitation protocol;
  • Screen all ventilation inlets and exhausts;
  • Screen ledges which could be used as nesting sites;
  • Clean up feed spills;
  • Maintain bait stations including records of locations and bait consumption;
  • Minimize vegetation and debris around facilities including stagnant pools of water; and
  • Maintain a minimum 1 metre apron of crushed stone/gravel around the perimeter of barns to deter rodents.