A special note on passwords: Have you considered how someone else might access your passwords, should you become incapacitated? Have a plan in place!

Although market interruption is an industry-wide problem, we cannot fully rely on government to provide financial compensation. Do what you can to build a safety net to get you through a few months without income. 

If you had to evacuate or could not return to your home or farm, how would you access your important personal documents: passport, medical, (list of prescriptions or other medication, health card), financial, insurance, etc.? Ensure they are copied and backed up as well.

Use fire-proof filing cabinets or boxes for important documents and computer records stored on-site. If you are not able to scan documents, snap a close-up photo with your cell phone.

Lastly, contact your insurance agent. Review your insurance coverage. Consider additional coverage for “all-hazard” situations (e.g. flood, hail damage).