Review all your legal and contractual obligations both verbal and written. Contracts include mortgages, operating lines of credit, marketing and production agreements, land and equipment leases, etc. Assess areas where the farm operation is in a good position and where improvements can be made.

Are there any clauses in the contracts you have with packers/processors that outline a market disruption event, e.g. foreign animal disease, border closure?

How will contractual arrangements between animal owners and contractors and production decisions be handled during a disease outbreak or border closure?

How could you ensure a business relationship is maintained with these customers?

If income is lost due to market disruption (e.g. border closure), are you able to make minimum debt payments to meet your obligations? If not, talk with your lenders to see what options are available. 

If required, what non-essential equipment/capital can be liquidated or traded-in to eliminate or reduce debt payments?